Tattoo design lady

Tattoo design lady

About 15 years ago a lower back tattoo for women became very popular. The shape is often oblong and follows the shape of the back on both sides of the female spine.

It emphasizes the shape and the curves of the female body, which makes it sexual very attractive. On a hot summer day it can look extremely sexy when wearing a half shirt or a belly shirt and a low rise jeans can add some extra mystery to it.
A Lower back tattoo for women comes in many different designs. Lately tribal tattoo designs and Celtic knots are very popular, but almost any design can be changed into a lower back tattoo design. A tattoo artist can also assist with that.

Several aspects have contributed to the popularity of these tattoos. Although this area is not the widest part of the body, there is more than enough space for a large tattoo design and is very suited for a horizontal design in which symmetry can be used around the spine. Another advantage is that this spot will not be affected by weight changes or pregnancy. So it is less likely that your design will be damaged by stretching of the skin.

The lower part of the back can also easily be hidden by clothes if you would prefer not to show it. Although there is always some pain involved when getting tattooed, the lower part of the back is one of the less painful spots.

There have been some questions in the past about complications with tattoos around the spine when an epidural is given during child birth. There has been no proof for that. Many women have successfully undergone an epidural during childbirth and have not experienced any side effects.

To be on the save side most anesthesiologists will not place an epidural through the tattoo to avoid ink coming into the epidural area.
The easiest way to find a great lower back tattoo design for women is to go online and find a tattoo gallery which is specialized in tattoos for women. It is important that you not only like your design, but that it also has some meaning to you.

So take your time. In an online gallery you can all do that out of the comfort of your own home and you won’t feel rushed like you perhaps would be if you would go to a parlor. You can keep your design unique by combining two designs into one or by creating your own one. And last but not least make sure that you get tattooed safely by checking out your parlor before you get inked.

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